About us


our love for labs started 40 years ago…

What is better than a cute little white Lab puppy on Christmas morning?

Having the privilege of breeding and raising cute little Labs puppies all year long.

My name is Bo Lowe, my wife, Grace, and I live in Yorba Linda CA and we have been breeding and raising Labradors for over 40 years. 

We are passionate about the quality and health of the pups we raise; that is why we only have one litter per year.

Why did we choose Labradors? That is easy: there is a reason they are the #1 working dog in the world. . .

They have a sweet loving temperament, they are very smart and they are easy to train. They are also great with children and seniors. 

They will become your best friend and  a wonderful addition to the family. 

We only breed 100% purebred AKC Registered Labradors.

Our pups are bred for sweet loving temperament and color.

Our 40 years of experience and happy families are a testament to the best Labrador Retrievers in Southern California.

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